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That Can't be a Ghost!!

I would like to tell a short story that two of our AGHOST members told me. They were on the U.S.S. Turner Joy (which is a retired Navy Destroyer - now museum) doing an EVP session. As they were asking the spirits to give them some sort of sign that they were there. They heard other team members stomping down the hallway. They were both fuming that these rude investigators would not sit still and kept walking and making noise. Finally, they got fed up and just left the area where they found Ross Allison. They went up to him and said, we were doing an EVP session in the Officers area and the other investigators would not stop walking back and forth! Ross looked at them strangely and said...Ummmmm you were the only ones in that area. The rest of the team are on the other side of the ship. You were all alone down there.

This story made me laugh because they asked the spirits to give them a sign and when they did, they basically got irritated and probably told them to shut up because they thought they were other people. I've done this myself. I got mad because someone was whistling while we were doing an investigation and said really loudly, whoever is whistling, please stop it, I'm trying to do an EVP session. The whistling promptly stopped but then I found out NO ONE on our team was whistling. I felt like such a dope. Has this ever happened to you? It sounds so loud and strong that you think it can't POSSIBLY be paranormal!!

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