A.G.H.O.S.T. is a volunteer paranormal research organization focused on providing education, training and community outreach through scientific investigation, data collection and analysis. Our goal is to help those who may be experiencing a haunting and wish to learn more about this phenomenon. During our investigations we work with high-tech equipment and credible psychics to learn as much as possible about the home or business. Our research team works together to help our clients better understand their ghostly encounters.

Meet The Team

Ross Allison


 Our fearless leader. Ross has been investigating the paranormal for close to 30 years. His work as an investigator, author and expert in the field has taken him all over to some of the most renowned sites in the world.

June Nixon

Vice President

VP, skeptic & heart. An Administrative Assistant by day and a Paranormal Investigator by night. She is currently Vice President of AGHOST and Client Coordinator. But ask the rest of the team and they’ll quickly tell you that June is the heart of the group.

Dan Pruett

Tech and Online. His technical skills combined with his deep passion for nature and history combine perfectly for the field of paranormal investigation.

Kim Douthit

Tours and investigation. Kim Douthit has been interested in the paranormal since she was young. As a child she was known to disappear for hours while hunting for ghosts and Bigfoot in her backyard.

Jennifer Douwes

A writer & bookkeeper by day, she sleeps with ghosts at night. Well, a few times at least. She’s honing her paranormal skills & treasures every chance she gets to try and become a real ghost whisperer.

Jon Deaux

Originally from Southern Louisiana and Been around the world a few times. First got into Paranormal back in 2010.

Philemon Vanderbeck

 Physics, Math & Magic. Obsessed with mathematics since he was a child, he believes that proper understanding of the underlying principles of the universe will allow him to penetrate the veil of reality and garner insight into the mysteries of space, time, energy, mind, and spirit.

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