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Got Ghosts?

Think you might have something paranormal going on in your home or business? Want to look into it but don't know how to start?


We have some ghost hunting tips to get you going in the right direction and hopefully get you some answers.

Don't make a party out of it

Conducting paranormal experiments and investigations require a controlled environment. Having a lot of people around while you are doing experiments will only contaminate your findings.


However, going at it alone is not recommended either. Have at least another person there to witness the experiments and any phenomenon that may occur.

Change nothing

Through research, investigators have found that altering your environment can adversely impact your investigation. Keep things the way they are. If you have messes around leave them there. After you have done your research and have information then you can change your surroundings and see how it impacts things.

Keep an open mind

It might not be what you think it is. Could the disturbance be created by something mundane? Could it be structural or environmental? Yes we are all hoping to find evidence of the paranormal but just because you think it's paranormal doesn't mean it is.

Don't open your mind too much

When doing any kind of research you want to make sure that your experiments are done in a controlled situation. That means that your mind needs to be as sharp as possible. Do not use any alcohol or drugs before or during an investigation. No smoking either. Even caffeine can make people jittery enough to skew their perceptions.

Be respectful
While we haven't proven what ghost phenomena are, we do have strong indications that at least some of them are the continued consciousness of people and animals who have died. There are countless accounts of people interacting and communicating with "ghosts".

That means you should afford them the same dignity you would give to anyone living. Don't shout, insult, patronize, or badger them. If you truly want communication, respectfully tell them what you want. We feel this makes a huge difference in your chances of getting results...not to mention that it is the right thing to do.

If you need our assistance, please 

Get some equipment to conduct your experiments with.

  • Audio Recorder

  • Your journal or something to take notes with

  • Camera to record image bursts and/or video

  • EMF Meter

  • Video Recorder

  • Full spectrum camera

  • Thermometer

An audio recorder is one of the easiest tools to use during an investigation. If you would like to invest in more equipment visit our equipment page for more information on the tools we use.

Journaling helps a lot:

Every time you experience a paranormal event log it in your journal. The more you do this the easier it will be to figure out what's going on. Over time you may find patterns that can help you recreate events to trigger paranormal activity.

  • What did the event look like, sound like or smell like?

  • If it was sound, what kind of sound?

  • When did it happen?

  • Where did it happen?

  • What were you doing at the time?

  • Were there other things going on at the time?

Ross Allison has written a book that has more detail on self investigations. If you would like more information and a pre-formatted journal buy My Haunted Journal on Amazon.

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