Why Focus on Measurement Technology? 

AGHOST isn’t called the ADVANCED Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma for nothing.  We have ALL the latest equipment and use it to help collect the best evidence for our research and for our clients.  


A lot of groups try to prove there is paranormal activity by only using pyschics, Ouija boards, pendulums, automatic writing, etc.  But as group founder Ross Allison often says, you cannot prove the paranormal by using the paranormal.  


Although we do use psychics in our group, they undergo rigorous testing and are only used to help guide our focus during investigations. We never present psychic perception as evidence.

Tools of the Trade

Thermal Imaging

Gives us a visual of hot and cold spots around the property.

HD Night Vision

4K cameras and HD video cameras to document any activity.


Special Paranormal Environmental Computer Technology Research Equipment. Our high tech system that monitors activity in the area.

360 Video

Full surrounding recordings, never a missed experience. 

E.V.P. Recordings

Professional audio recorders may uncover spiritual voices.

E.M.F Meters

We feature some of the most  sensitive and trusted meters.

IR Spectrum Light

Special cameras can give us images in the infrared light spectrum

SLS Research

The Kinect cameras have been theorized to pick up phenomena.

Laser Grids

The grid offers measurement such as size and disturbances.

Static Meters

Both positive and negative ions are a key factor in most reported activity.

Geiger Readings

Low levels of radiation have been reported around activity

Vibration Meters

These devices help in debunking and supporting encounters.


Low level sound can affect the the human brain and perception


Variances in brainwaves may be a measurement of paranormal emission or reception


Hot and cold spots have been linked with paranormal activity


Variances in pressure can affect our mood and perceptions

Motion Detection

Sensitive devices can detect invisible motion

Sonic Detection

Abnormal sonic pulses have been associated with paranormal activity

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