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Whether you are experiencing a small number of events or many, by opening your doors to those studying these encounters, you can help researchers better understand what could be going on in this unknown realm.

If you need our assistance, please feel free contact us.

Do be careful though. You will find there are many groups wanting to pursue the strange phenomenon in your home or business. These groups can easily be untrained enthusiasts, thrill seekers or just careless individuals. So do yourself a favor and research them before they research you.

Some may require a fee for their services. We believe this should never be the case. We feel that limiting investigations to only those who will pay limits the possibilities of finding the answers we all desperately want. This also hurts the credibility of the field by helping skeptics claim that "ghost hunters are only in it for the money". If you would like to offer a donation to the group that's fine. Most investigators finance their investigations from their own pockets. 

Before you decide on an investigation group, take some time and do some leg work.

Things to look out for:
  • Are they performing controlled experiments

  • Are they trying to confuse you with conflicting accounts of findings

  • Cause more trouble for you by escalating things emotionally

  • Encouraging you to believe paranormal events even though they seem false

A few words of caution:​​
  • Never leave your home or business unattended for the first investigation.

  • Always be aware of whats going on during an investigation

  • Don't let any group do something with which you are uncomfortable.

When choosing a paranormal investigation group, ask them:​​
  • How long have they been researching the field?

  • Where they received their training.

  • If they train their other members.

  • If you may review past evidence.

  • For referrals.

  • To explain their protocols.

  • What equipment do they use?

  • What research projects are they pursuing or have pursued.

  • What their primary goal is.

  • What they offer the ghost hunting community.

  • What their reports look like.

  • If they can back up their findings and feel free to question their methods

Psychic Help:

There are plenty of people out there claiming to have abilities in communicating with spirits, or even cleansing the spirits from home or business. When looking for or working with a psychic, medium or sensitive, take some steps in assuring yourself of their integrity.​ Additional items to bear in mind when choosing to work with a psychic -vs- paranormal group are to make certain:

  • Is the psychic planning on performing a "cold reading" (no background info prior to the investigation).

  • You offer no personal information about yourself or the investigation site.

  • Any payment is reasonable and not the first of many more to come.

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