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Instant Gratification in Ghost Hunting

In the world today when everything is at your fingertips and no one wants to wait for anything. Paranormal investigating is also heading in that direction. You can see that in almost ALL the ghost shows. From all the different kinds of ghost boxes to the ovilus to the "psychics" (not saying some aren't legit, but it really is a stretch sometimes). I have seen some groups use the spirit box (radio made to search different stations on a continuous loop, the ghosts are supposed to pull out words to communicate with you) through a WHOLE investigation, not only are they grasping at pulling out words they THINK the ghost is trying to tell them, but some don't sound anything like what they are claiming they sound like. For an experiment, Ross recorded two hours of a ghost box session and then played it for some students, miraculously they pulled out quite a few words pertaining to their investigation. They were disappointed when they found out the session wasn't live but it was a good lesson to learn.

Did you know a lot of these "tools" made for ghost hunting have voice recognition software, GPS and words made to pop up (like demon) in haunted locations? That's why most of the labels say FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

Now honestly, I have gotten a few very strange things while using a spirit box, but it's only been through the white noise on the box, full sentences in the same voice or something ON TOP of the radio stations. There was a time we asked the box what the name of the caretaker was at a certain theater and it LOUDLY proclaimed JOE! Which happened to be the night caretaker of the theater. There was no guessing at that one. Was it a voice on the radio or was it Direct voice phenomenom coming through the white noise? I don't know. But I'm just saying DON'T abandon good old fashion Audio recordings. I know it's a pain in the butt going through hours and hours and hours and HOURS of footage, but it is so worth it to get that one little voice that doesn't belong.

So, I'm just saying, I know it's fun to get an "instant ghost" with a lot of these instruments and tools, but don't abandon old ghost hunting techniques and equipment. Use some of those things for some fun experiements for just a few minutes at a time. Don't base your whole investigation on them OR the psychic that basically tells you what's going on. It's only his or her word, don't let them take over the full investigation.


So what I'm saying, you may be missing a perfectly good opportunity to get some REAL evidence. Don't be a fast food instant gratification ghost hunter. It's time to be a paranormal investigator and painstakingly go through the audio/video footage and hopefully find something that will knock your socks off. Not just a semi coherent voice on the radio which says rrrrhrrhr rhhhrrr OMG it says it's going to KILL DAK!! :o


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