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A Haunted Clock

Spooked in Seattle acquired a clock about 7 or 8 years ago. The clock was owned by an Administrator of an old Insane Asylum. Sadly he was killed and it's said, at the exact time he died, the CLOCK stopped working. No matter what anyone did, they could not get it to work. Ross and June traveled to Preston Castle. in Ione California, for their paranormal Conference, as soon as we brought the clock into the castle, it started working. Here is the video of that.

What's really interesting, that night Anna and June with a few others did an EVP session. When Anna asked if one of the boys (one of the boys who died at Preston Castle) fixed the clock, she definitely got an answer of YESSSSSS. As soon as June and Ross went back to Seattle with the clock, it stopped again and has never started back up...

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