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Port Gamble Ghost Conference

This was the 10th Anniversary of the Port Gamble Ghost Conference. Pete (who plans the ghost conferences) always outdoes himself. This year I had the privelege of speaking at this Conference, my Presentation was Travel on the Spooky Side. This is the same talk I have been giving at Libraries. I can honestly say I was really nervous at first but it was a lot of fun, of course some of my videos didn't play but hopefully I made the best out of it. Jake Rice did an amazing class on Gadgets for Ghost Hunting a hands-on experience with lots of fun tech and their uses. You can read a lot more on Jacob's blog - Lots of amazing Techie things, Investigations, TV Shows, etc. But his class was great! They had some really great speakers, vendors and fun investigations. Port Gamble is one of my favorite places.

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