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A ghostly "Boo!"

It's a common question when someone loses a pet, can they haunt as well? In fact, many whom lost pets have had encounters with their beloved fur children. Im among those few.

In 2007, my dog "Boo" was struck by a car, which ended his life short. For those whom have loved and lost, know the grief that follows. Mine was no different.

However, my encounter was a bit shocking. We had just finished our farewells, transferred his ashes to an urn with a few of his favorite toys. Later that night, my roommate and I where getting ready for bed when I heard him scream for me. I quickly ran out of my room to see what the issue was, to find him pointing down at Boo's bed. It was here we had set his urn, a few pictures and a toy. But to my surprise, there was a lone dog print as well. Theres NO way this was possible, we had smoothed out his bed when we cleaned up that day, yet there it was. Maybe this was his way to say thank you, or to let us know that he came back home.

I miss you Boo

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