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Interesting find at Hales Bar Dam investigation.

In October of 2018, I had the pleasure of doing an overnight investigation at the Hales Bar Dam in TN. The location has many ghost stories and encounters, so I was looking forward to the event. Throughout the night and into the early morning, there were many strange noises, foot steps when no one was around and disembodied voices heard. However, captured evidence was a bit on the lighter side.

On one occasion, it was Nick and myself alone venturing around the flooded area. After hearing an extremely load bang, we walked cautiously towards the area, only to hear what sounded like footsteps behind us.

In these pictures, you will see me focus my camera on the upper room, it which we heard the loud noise. If you look to the bottom right corner, you will see a dark circular form. In the two frames you see it move, however, after we hear the walking, I quickly turn to take a picture to find nothing. Incidentally that picture would have been where the dark object was seen in the first two pictures.

What an interesting night.

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