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Port Gamble, WA - A Hauntingly Beautiful Town

The Walker Ames House

Port Gamble, WA - Where you ask? A beautiful very small town only 20 minutes or so away from the Kingston/Edmonds ferry dock. Check out their website at to get more information.

Not only is this town beautiful and picturescue, it has a lot of ghost stories. I have investigated the Walker Ames house almost 20 times and I can tell you there have been some nights where we have a lot of amazing activity and other nights it is still as a tomb. Here are two pictures taken down the hallway on the first floor, I was using our thermal imaging camera. I was the only one on the first floor and was sitting in the parlor area when I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen and walking towards me in the small hallway, so I just took a couple of shots, one after the other and caught a very strange image on one of the pictures. I'm not saying it's paranormal but it is very interesting.

Of all the times I have investigated there, I have seen shadows in the shape of a person, I have seen small grey mists that have run by us, I have seen tiny balls of light dancing around, I have heard a voice with my own ears not coming from anyone else on the team, have smelled extreme scents of flowers or of garbage, I have had a few very good Class A EVPs, felt extreme cold spots, felt like my hair was tugged, felt like a cold hand was touching my hand...the list goes on.

This town draws me to it all the time. I want to thank Neil McNeill for introducing me to it. It is a part of my soul now and I will never stop wanting to be there.

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