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One thing I don’t condone is lots of drama. Now I know there are times when there is an occasional spat or disagreement but usually those things resolve themselves and it’s over. I’m talking about gossip about someone you really don’t even know and then assuming ALL the rumors are true which escalates into witchiness, hatred, hurt feelings and people who love havoc and mayhem to just get a kick out of things. There have been times I have fallen victim of this, someone who doesn’t know me, all of a sudden sends me a nasty email or post saying something they have NO clue about. I always ignore ignorant people like that and don’t fall prey to their idiot rants. I know a wonderful, sweet man who was also a victim of this for a long time, constant belittling by jealous people, people believing the rumors, people treating him like crap, some people still do. It breaks my heart now that I’ve gotten to call him one of my best friends that something like this could happen to such a gentle soul who NEVER talks bad about anyone. I just wanted to throw this note out there, if you hear a rumor about someone, please find out for yourself, don’t just listen to everyone unless you have witnessed that behavior yourself. AND if you cause it because of jealousy or just pettiness, please check yourself and swallow your pride and just leave everyone alone. This is what causes most of the para-drama, don’t be that cause.

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