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Jealousy, Betrayal, Hate, Sadness

In the paranormal world we have this thing called PARADRAMA. This isn’t anything new in any group (UFO’s, Bigfoot, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, etc.). When you get people from all walks of life coming together because they love the same subject, you have to try to get along with all personality types. There are the stone cold serious people that get upset if you even laugh, there are the jokesters that think it’s funny to pull pranks, there are the jealous people that aren’t happy for anyone that gets a big break or even a little EVP because they want it to be them and they try to do everything possible to bring those things to a halt or get other people with them to be bullies against that person. I could go on and on and on. I have witnessed a lot of mean people in my life, thank god, although hurt, I don’t usually hold a grudge, I get my feelings hurt for a bit, but then move on. One thing that it’s harder for me to forgive and forget are the jealous and cruel people that hurt any of my friends. It’s usually an unforgivable sin to me. Although, I do tolerate people and I’m still nice, if I have to be (actually I’m usually always nice), but I don’t forget.

One of my best friends has endured all of those things in his life and it makes me sad they don’t know him the way I know him. I just want everyone to take a moment and think of someone you have been hating, persecuting, bullying, just plain not liking and look for the reasons. Is it because they are more successful? Is it because they have some aspect in their lives that reminds you to much of yourself that you hate? OR are they just big jerks themselves? If they are big jerks themselves, try to get away from that negativity, but if you are the big jerk, find out the reasons why and how you can change that in yourself. Apologize to anyone you have hurt, start the healing. Especially in teams that have to walk around in the dark with each other, you have to trust your teammates and feel safe with them. If there is animosity and hatred, that team is not going to last or there is going to be a major blow out and everyone will leave. We are all volunteers for our groups, we want this time to be fun and eventful, not having to deal with all that drama.

I am very thankful we have an amazing team. We are mostly like minded and practice kindness and understanding. If there is drama, it is usually taken to the side and worked out, or the person causing it just doesn’t come back. So far it’s been incredible. I am thankful everyday for this team and I hope everyone out there can feel the same in their situations. I hope you can start the change if your team is experiencing it, get it all out on the table and talk it out. You will either patch things up OR the trouble makers will blow up and leave, which would be the best situation.

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