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Buyer Beware

We got on the subject today of scammers. People who take advantage of desperate people mostly for money… A while ago, I had a woman client who said she had hired a man for $300.00 to Clear her house of spirits. He said a voodoo ritual, burnt a huge pile of sage in one of her good pans (which ruined it) and spit a concoction all over her house that stained her walls and furniture, which she tried to call him back, surprisingly, he didn’t answer his phone. I had another client who owns a hotel that said a man contacted her and said that he would bring his invention in and for a mere $4,000.00 he would get rid of all her ghosts. When she said she wanted to keep her ghosts and wanted his name to check his credentials, he immediately hung up on her. Surprise, surprise.

If a ghost hunting group or an individual want to charge you money to clear the spirits from your home or business, don’t trust them. For one thing, if a group charges for their services, the client will expect results. Our group are not Ghost Busters, we go into a client’s home or business to try to see if we can find evidence, that is enough for some people to see if we find something to prove they aren’t crazy. We never charge for our services. This is a labor of love. If it sounds too good to be true, it USUALLY is!! Always get a second opinion! Please Beware!!

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