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Bellaire House

Bellaire house in Bellaire, Ohio – We stayed two days in the Bellaire house. This is considered one of the most haunted houses in the U.S. Part of me really didn’t put a lot of stock into that but when I saw some of the weird things that happened to Ross the last time he stayed there, I had to believe.

Honestly, though, we didn’t have a lot of activity when we stayed there, I slept downstairs by myself and one night as I was about to drift off to sleep, I thought for sure I saw a shadow pass by the window in the living room. Another time, Tammy and I were in the attic and heard strange noises or shuffling behind us. BUT nothing concrete, although, we did have a string of bad luck that actually all worked itself out. Morgan’s Drone got caught in one of the high branches of a tree in the woods, it was over 75 feet up. No matter what they did, it would not fall down – At the last minute they tried it again before they had to leave and a strong wind came and knocked it out of the tree. Nick completely lost his keys, could not find them ANYWHERE, looked for hours, he finally decided to look out in the woods one more time and happened to see a bit of color underneath the snow before it got completely dark and found them. Lisa’s daughter, Madison, had to go to the emergency room back in Seattle, but come to find out, she was okay. It started to snow pretty bad, but the roads were still clear. All kinds of things like that. I can't say if those things really were connected to staying in the house, but it was very strange.

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