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My First Trip to the Queen Mary

Although AGHOST has investigated the Queen Mary before, this was my first time going. Lisa and her husband Greg joined Ross and I on an adventure to L.A. IT was definitely an ADVENTURE. Unfortunately, there were a lot of strange factors I didn't bargain for. One of them was that Nick Groff had a paranormal event there so a lot of the places I wanted to go were reserved for him, so I didn't get to see some of the paranormal "hotspots" I would have liked to have seen, and THEN there were torrential waterfall downpours of rain and horrible wind. Driving in it was just horrible. I couldn't have asked for a more nerve wracking weekend. We were also supposed to meet Nicole Strickland there so she could give us a personal tour (she has written several amazing books about the Queen Mary, you can check them out on unfortunately with all the horrible wind and rain and flooding, she could not meet us there. BUT our wonderful friends who work and love Preston Castle in Ione California joined us there also, which made everything so much better, Anna, Ryan, Tim, Russell, the most incredibly giving and caring people you could meet.

I do have to say, There is something about that ship, I also fell in love with it a little bit, even with all the craziness around us. Whether it's the history, the ghosts, the stories...(also read Haunted Ships and Lighthouses by David Weatherly and Ross Allison) it just digs it's way into your soul. I will definitely go back.

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