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Strange things are happening at Billy’s Bar & Grill

On May 20th 2018 AGHOST visited Billy’s Bar & Grill in Aberdeen, WA for an investigation. The team was surprised to encounter many strange events that night, from glasses being moved to seeing a figure appear on the thermal camera.

Here are some pictures of the bar area

The last two images are of the most active area (left corner). Here, glasses have been seen being lifted by unseen hands and thrown at people. It was in this area we encountered two interesting events.

1. We all heard the crashing sound of a glass and found a coffee mug had fallen off the counter when no one was around it or the area.

2. A figure appeared on the thermal camera, standing right in the area where many strange encounters tend to happen.

Here you can clearly see the investigator (Josh) sitting at the bar unaware of the figure standing across from him. Note, the living figure is giving off a heat signature. The other figure registers at a much cooler temp. The darkest image is a glass of ice water sitting on the bar. this shows the figure is standing in the background.

Here are other before and after thermal shots to compare too. We also had another person stand to the right to show their heat signature.

Could this be the manifestacion of Billy Gohl himself? The serial killer of Aberdeen of the early 1900's, Or it maybe one of his unfortunate victims.

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