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Still Loading... Book Club 2017

Hello everyone.

Sorry this book club is taking so long to get rolling. Seems we had more energy to create the book club than time to make it work. Our hearts are in the right place at least. We’ll get there. At the very least we can do a couple books a year.

On to the topic of the book. I’ll admit, the second book we’re reading: Bag of Bones, is HARD to read. I think I’m nearing the 3/4 point (listening to it on Overdrive so its hard to tell) and OMG just kill me now. I’ll save my opinion until we’re done reading, but suffice it to say: The person who told me to give Stephen King another chance was WRONG.

I read every book I could get my hands on of SK’s for awhile there. I passed on the cowboy books, ‘cause that’s not my thing. A little more than twenty years ago I stopped because the books were becoming too predictable. Not as in: I knew what the ending was going to be, but as in: Same setting, same long windedness, and same flow issues.

Which brings us here, and why someone recommended Bag of Bones to me. I write stuff. Sometimes scary. They said that this book in particular would help me with pacing. I’m sitting here going, WHAT? Did they mean to not do what SK did?

Anyhow, we’ll try and get our shiz together and meet up in the end of June or early to mid July to talk about the book. Worst case scenario we can just chat online about this one and move on to the next, meeting up in August perhaps.


Thoughts? Ideas? Speak up! Let us know.

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