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Consisting of the LABPRO PC Interface and a sensor array net available from Vernier Software, SPECTRE is designed to gather and correlate data in a room sized area. The following sensors and equipment are being used in the following deployment:

LABPRO INTERFACE The Vernier LabPro interface is the heart of our data collection system, offering unparalleled flexibility, power, portability. All sensors plug into this device then they run info to our laptop.

MOTION SENSOR The Motion Detector functions like the automatic range finder on a Polaroid camera. This sonar device emits ultrasonic pulses and waits for an echo. The time it takes for the reflected pulses to return is used to calculate distance, velocity, and acceleration. The range is 0.4 to 6 meters.

TEMPERATURE PROBE This rugged and durable temperature probe has a sealed stainless steel shaft. Letting us know of any temperature changes in the room.

BAROMETER Our Barometer can be used for either weather studies or for lab experiments involving pressures close to normal atmospheric pressure. The pressure range is 24 to 32 inches of Hg (0.8 to 1.05 atm) absolute pressure.

MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR This sensor, which uses a Hall Effect transducer, is sensitive enough to measure the earth's magnetic field. It can also be used to study the field around permanent magnets, coils, and electrical devices.

VOLTAGE PROBE This sensor can be used just like a standard volt meter. In physics classes, it can be used to measure the potential in direct-current or alternating-current circuits. In chemistry, physical science, or middle school science classes, students can measure voltages developed in a variety of electrochemical (voltaic) cells.

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