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Case #: 2001 Walkthrough Date: 01/06/2002 Investigation Date: 05/03/2002 Location: Lake Union, Seattle WA Weather: Cool and clear Activity reported: walking, laughter, cloudy forms and brief apparitions Building's age: 1926- Peralta 1935 rebuilt as the Kalakala This ferry used to be the most popular ship to sail across Puget Sound. Within her silvery lining holds tragic memories of loss and death. ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS:

SOLAR: Active




It was about 4:10 pm on January 6, 2002 when we met outside The Kalakala for our first investigation. It was cold and raining, but somehow the weather seemed perfect for this type of activity. We were joined by several members of WSGS,which included three psychics and a medium, David R. (channeller/medium), Claire (sensitive), Anita (sensitive), and Laurie (sensitive). We gathered up our gear and headed toward our destination.

We were allowed to enter the ferry boat at about 4:30 pm, and were given a quick tour by one of the men living on the boat and working on the restoration. We then gathered in the conference room and planned our strategy.

It was decided that we would break into two groups for the investigation and, at that point, proceeded on our way.

At approx. 5:08 pm, a large group had gathered around the ladies lounge. Several members and the Psychics felt a presence. We got definite EMF detector readings, and it was learned that there was an apparent suicide in this area.

The investigation continued throughout other areas of the ferry...the engine room, the lower and upper decks, the ballroom and the car deck, where EMF detector readings occurred.

Throughout the investigation, photos were taken by members, some showing orbs and one, taken in the ballroom, which showed a strange mist. There were also some difficulties with blurry images and cameras that would not work at all.

At 6:20, we all gathered in the ballroom in preparation for a sit-down to be conducted by the Medium with the WSGS group.

At 6:25 the channeling began. Contacted was the spirit of a man, who spoke through the Medium. After interrogation, mainly by one of the WSGS Pyschics,it was learned that his name was John Martin. He believed the year to be 1954, and stated that he was a janitor on the ferry. He was scared and upset because he could not find anyone he had known and was extremely lonely. Questions went on for a few minutes and then, the incident ended.

After this event, one of the members of A.G.H.O.S.T. became very uneasy and clostrophobic. A presence was felt behind him, as if breathing down his neck, but no one was there. He found it necessary to leave the ballroom and spend some time outside.

After a short break, the Medium decided to try again. He asked to be joined by the spirit of a woman, whose presence he felt, that had been raped. He again channeled a spirit, who's name turned out to be Alice J. After much interrogation by the WSGS Psychics, it was learned that she believed that it was 1950 and was frightened that two men would find her.

As questioning continued, it was determined that she was a passenger on the ferry, on her way to Seattle from San Francisco, where she had been a teacher. She was raped and, apparently killed, by two men who claimed to work on the Kalakala. She was extremely frightened. She was assured repeatedly that the men would not find her.

After a brief period, the channeling ended and it was time to end the investigation.

It would be interesting to research these events and know for sure if these two people ever were aboard the Kalakala.

It is our hope to return to The Kalakala in the near future, possibly this summer. We feel that an investigation has about a 10% chance of seeing a ghost, and a greater chance that photos will show some sort of presence...whether it be orbs, mist or another form of energy, which is definitely present on this vessel.

The Return to the Kalakala 5/3-4/02 Members involved: Ross, Mark, Joel, Barbie, Anita This was a very exciting trip for us. Not only was it neat to be on this old ferry late at night, but we also had some pretty good readings too. We arrived at the ferry at 8pm to meet with Evening Magazine... another great topper to the events ahead. As we boarded the ship the crew from Evening Magazine was already there taking some video shots of the boat and speaking with Peter (the owner). It took us about a ½ hour to get things set up and ready for our long night's investigation. As always, we have our sensitives (Barbie & Anita) walk through the ship to report any feelings they may be experiencing. While they did this, the Evening Magazine crew followed them with a camera in hand. The rest of us started collecting EMF readings and taking photos. Peter then gave us a tour of his pride and joy.... Giving us full run of the Kalakala.

After our sensitives finished with their walkthrough, we all got together and went over the plans for the night. Being that this was our second time on this ship, we were familiar with some of the active spots. The main area we wanted to focus our attention to was the ladies lounge. This was the area where a woman had committed suicide. A heavy feeling was strong here, and we had gotten some great orbs here in the past. It was decided that this would be a perfect place for us to set up SPECTRE. Meanwhile, Evening Magazine went around getting more shots of the interior of the ship. It took us a good 45 minutes to get SPECTRE up and running. Once this was done, we blocked off the area and let SPECTRE run for an hour.

It was about 11:30 pm when Evening Magazine interviewed me, after which they packed it up and called it a night. Things were just getting started for us. One thing that Vorpral picked up on his EMF detector was that the ship seemed to have a magnetic field around it. It seemed that every time he approached the outer frame, his EMF readings would start to climb. This is something we will have to keep in mind on future investigations. The next thing on our list was to get all the lights shut off so we could start with our infrared test. This has gotten us some great results. Peter went around turning off the lights for us as we walked around the rusty old girl. It was about 1:00 am when things started to pick up. While using the infrared on the top deck, one member picked up a strange EMF reading. This reading would come and then go and would repeat this pattern for about a ½ hour. While this was going on a member with an infrared camera caught what appears to be a shadowy figure in that same spot. I can honestly say it was hard for us to hold back some of our excitement. We then proceeded on to other parts of the ship with the infrared in hand. It wasn't until about 3:00 am when we found another spot where the EMF readings would fluctuate... and this time it got even stranger. When Barbie walked around in front of the offices she picked up on a female presence. She said it was a very sad spirit. This was the same spot in which she she had felt this feeling previously. Now she was getting the readings on her EMF detector to show that there was something there. The strange thing about these readings was that every time a male figure got close to her... the readings would come to a full stop. Then when the male figure backed off ...the readings kicked back in. Barbie felt as if the female spirit presence might be threatened by any person of the male gender, and if that isn't strange enough for you, The EMF readings would move up to about 5 feet in height every so often. With tears in her eyes, Barbie felt the energy grow stronger and stronger. "She feels like she's right on top of me", Barbie called out. Vorpral was bound and determine to find out what was going on. He tried to approach Barbie slowly as the EMF detector was going off. As always, the readings kept stopping whenever a male approached. Finally, after about a ½ hour, he was able to pull the EMF detector slowly from her hand with it still going off. Meanwhile, other members with infrared and other cameras were getting orb activity. This energy ran for about an hour or more before dying off.

After all the excitement Ross and Vorpral returned to the area where SPECTRE was running. Here we got some more great readings. During the time that SPECTRE ran, we got a EMF reading... and three motion detections. Two reported that something passed in front of the detector. One reported that the wall in front of the detector moved an inch. For some reason something transparent carrying some form of matter slowed down the sonic signal, giving us a reading which made it look like the wall had moved. These things really make you go ...HHHMMMM....!

It was about 4:00 am when we decided to head for home and into our nice warm beds. As you can see we had a very active night. We will be planning a return voyage.

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