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We measure the temperature of rooms and environments in order to detect unusual and drastic temperature decreases or increases. These phenomena are called 'cold spots' and 'hot spots'. During a ghostly encounter, eyewitnesses have reported feeling a sudden rise or drop in temperature. We include thermometers on investigations in hopes of detecting temperature fluctuations during a haunting.

Oakton Temp Tester IR w/laser pointer Range -18 to 260°C, 0 to 500°F Accuracy 25 to 260°C (77 to 500°F): ±2% or ±2°C (±3°F) whichever is greater; -1 to 25°C (30 to 77°F): ±3°C (±5°F); -18 to -1°C (0 to 30°F): ±4°C (±7°F) Distance-to-target size ratio 6:1 Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F) Power One 9 V battery Battery life: 12 hours

Radio Shack Infrared Thermometer

Range: Between -18 °C and +200 °C, or 0 °F to 400 šF, changeable by means of a switch in the battery compartment.

Accuracy: ±2.5 percent of reading or ±2.5 °C, whichever is greater, over most of its range. To minimize errors, the target should be about twice as big as the thermometer's spot size. In most cases, best results are obtained at measurement distances of 75-300 mm.

Accurate Digital in/outdoor w/memory

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