Las Vegas - Eureka, NV - Virginia City, NV - San Francisco

Ross had a speaking engagement in Eureka, Nevada so we made it a fun little haunted Road Trip. Lisa and Greg also joined us on this little adventure. First we flew to Las Vegas for a couple of days of fun. Gambled a little and then went to see the Neon Boneyard. Tim Burton had a very cool diplay there:

Then off to Eureka Nevada for the conference. Sadly it had been passed off to someone else and there was another event going on also. So a lot of speakers had bailed out, we needed to get to Virginia City to do our investigation at the Washoe club so had to leave right after Ross spoke.

After that it was on to Virginia City to investigate the Washoe Club:

Such an Amazing Experience! Virginia City is a great little town, but it def rolls up the sidewalks after 5:00 p.m.

Then finished our little trip to San Francisco!


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