Fraud Hunting - How to Catch a Fake Photo

If you're like me, and for your own safety, I hope you aren't, you like to look at ghost photos. If you are on this website, there's a good chance you're the kind of person who can easily spend hours scouring the internet for ghost photos. Now we all know that most of them are either faked or they are photos with anomalies which can easily be explained as being caused by more mundane circumstances like bad lighting.

I am a fairly skeptical person, and it takes a lot to convince me that someone else's photograph is genuine and indicative of something actually paranormal. Yet I still sometimes get drawn in every once in and come across a photo that blows me away despite seeming too good to be true. In fact, I remember one fairly recently of a little girl (awww, who would use a kid to deceive the public?) in a truck next to a transparent man with a fascinating back story. Unfortunately, it turned out to be photoshopped.

So how do you tell the real thing from a fake?

My best advice for these situations is to download the image and run it through a tool like There are a few other websites like this too, but this is my favorite. You can upload the image or provide the image URL, and it will run an analysis on the photo and its metadata (metadata is information about the camera, date, time, software, and other information about the image which is embedded into photos by the digital camera or phone). This is how I found out my cute little girl in Georgia photo was completely phony. So, here is a photo of said little girl. For fun, try running it through to see all the information you can get off this website. It's pretty cool, and has saved me from looking silly more than once.


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