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EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. Everything from a spec of dust to a massive skyscraper has an electromagnetic field. We, as human beings, give off a small level of EMF. The Earth has a electromagnetic field that is manipulated by solar flares that explode from the sun and enter through Earth's atmosphere. Long exposures to high levels of EMF can cause hallucinations and major health problems. What you are looking for is: 1) A reading as above (could be 2, might be 20 mG) that cannot be explained by a local power source. For instance, if I was walking on an allegedly haunted battlefield far from any power lines and my EMF meter started reading 1, or even 15 mG, I would be very inclined to think something was up. But check the Solar activity for the day before you jump to conclusions. Be sure and practice with a meter in your own home so you become familiar with what will cause an indication. 2) A reading which changes or fluctuates for no accountable reason. Standing in a room, the reading is 2 mG, then it spikes to 9, and back down to 2. Could be something there... 3) Normal background readings which DROP for no explainable cause can be the indication that something is sucking up energy to manifest. 4) To always try correlating the reading with some other phenomena. A cold spot, orbs on film, or even a funny feeling can lend weight to a strange EMF indication.


Cell Sensor Adjustable settings for between E (Electric) and H (Magnetic). Most common handheld EMF detector used in the paranormal field. Lights up and signals when detecting fields in the range of 4-10. Excellent for use in the dark.

Multidetektor II Adjustable settings for between E (Electric) and H (Magnetic) plus a range switch from X1 to X1000.

Field Setting: H - X100 inside (X10 outdoors) Range Filter: VLF

Stud finder/ Live wire Helps detect live wires inside walls. This narrows out artificial causes for EMF readings. Live wires put off tremendous amounts of electromagnetic fields and can disrupts any unnatural readings.

Trifield Natural EM meter Detects changes in natural (DC) electric and magnetic fields, and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included. Man-made (AC) electric and magnetic fields often interfere with paranormal readings. This meter has been designed to ignore manmade (AC) fields.

Type of Energy Effect or Field

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