Saturday Oct 31, 2020  9:00 pm - midnight

Join us (virtually) on Halloween night as we investigate the Historic Everett Theatre! 


Built in 1901, this beautiful building is well known to be haunted by "Smilin' Al", among other possible entities. Our intrepid investigators will be donning period costumes and infrared bodycams to bring you live coverage of a real ghost investigation. 


We will be simultaneously podcasting from several areas in the building, live on AGHOST's Facebook Page. So kick back, grab some candy, and watch us as we try to communicate with Smilin' Al.  After the event we will post the podcast to our Youtube channel.

Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society.  They are trying to purchase the building so they can ensure that this historic landmark is kept in good shape and remains available to the public.  

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